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Apartment Management

Quality Site Management

DCS offers quality site management with its expert and experienced staff. Providing cleaning and maintenance& repair services for the apartments it manages, DCS gives a high-level satisfaction with its transparent management understanding. DCS shares every decision it takes on the apartments under its own management with the site residents. The company records all details in apartment administrative software and shares these records with site residents. The sites under DCS's management are cleaned on regular basis by DCS's own staff and controlled by the managers.


DCS offers most of its services online for the residents in the apartments it manages. The apartment residents can make requests on any kind of maintenance, repair, cleaning and security services to the management through their smart phones. The management transfers the demand to the related technical staff and records the whole process. Moreover, every step of the process is sent to the site residents as a notification by the system. It is also possible to order anything or make reservations, on the mobile application, from the facilities around. Besides, the flat owner or renter can easily follow the financial situation and due dates of the apartment.

Transparent, Responsible and Professional Service Understanding

Quality service standards provide a joyous life for the property owners.

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