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Service Quality

DCS is at your service for your all kinds of maintenance and repair needs with specialist technical staff in his/her field. Furniture, electricity and water system in your living or work places may break down. It is difficult to find expert staff to solve especially small-scale problems in such situations. DCS staff arrives for scouting whenever you need and solves your problems by carrying out necessary actions after a preliminary examination. At the same time, DCS is a company which you can get a regular service for the maintenance, control and cleaning of pools.

Especially the residents in the apartments under DCS's management can easily deliver their all maintenance and repair needs through Döveç Life Mobile Application. It is also possible to send the photo that shows the breakdown over the Mobile Application. The management transfers the information of the breakdown to the related technical staff's mobile device and the property owner gets a notification on the start of the repair process. The technical staff under service sends an image to the property owner showing that the problem is solved and the process is over.


We are always with you to solve your issues.

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