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Newly completed constructions need a true cleanup. Not everybody can do the cleaning task in the best way and so that the help is needed for this problem. Gazimağusa cleaning service is offered in safety standards and with experienced staff professionally. The price of cleaning service may vary according to the size of the area to be cleaned. The managers control the area after the process is over and make the area cleaned again if they are not satisfied with the result. The cleaning service is offered not only to newly finished constructions but also to the shops and working places. Such services are very helpful especially for those who have a busy business life and no time to clean around. With its quality service, our company is one of the reliable companies to prefer in Gazimağusa cleaning services. Those who are in need of professional cleaning can access us whenever they want. Our friendly staff never asks for extra payment. The materials used during the cleaning service are all first-class. The windows are cleaned, the floors are swept and the dust is removed. The most distinguished and experienced staff give Gazimağusa cleaning service in the best way. Gazimagusa cleaning .


. Gazimagusa cleaning .

. Gazimagusa cleaning .

Famagusta Cleaning Service Prices

Reservations are made within 24 hours and the price is set in line with the sector. Minimum 3 and maximum 9-hour long cleaning service duration can be increased or decreased. Working 7 days a week, our company carefully chooses its staff that has a clean criminal record and registry.

Offering a comprehensive cleaning service, our company makes the maximum effort for customer satisfaction. Secure and easy payment services are offered to those who wish to benefit from cleaning service. As a fair company, we are transparent enough while setting prices

Our company gains customers' appreciation and never increases the prices once they are set. Those who want to have a clean working and living environment can get in touch with our company effortlessly. After cleaning service is over, the owners of the place never face a bad surprise. Highly satisfied with the service, the customers contact us for cleaning service at various times.

The payments can be made cash or by credit cards.

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