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Our technical service offered by expert technical staff solves all issues within a short time. Cyprus technical service, which is available 7 days 24 hours, never lets our customers down. The issues about water and electricity system and furniture are solved in the best way and repaired on the same day. Because of the fact that customer satisfaction is our priority, our technical service staff is field-expert without exception. Necessary controls are performed after the repair process is completed. Since we are a leading company professionalized on part replacement and workship, we offer the a-year-long guarantee to our customers. We instantly give help to the customers who contact us about the breakdown through the mobile app. Because we have been in service for a long time, Cyprus technical service is always the first choice of the customers who experience a problem with their houses. Developing its technical service quality day by day, our company closely follows the up-to-date technological progress. Our company gives a flawless technical service opportunity and makes people's lives easier.


Cyprus Technical Service Prices

It is very easy to access our company which has a perfect technical service offer via its mobile application. Cyprus technical service which focuses on the electricity and water system breakdowns and furniture problems has a very budget-friendly price list. Considering the financial situation of its customers, our company offers the best prices in the sector. Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, our company meets customers' needs on the very same day. We immediately access our customers who contact us at their houses or work places through the mobile app and provide the necessary information for them. Our company with the best technical service in Cyprus region is one step further than other companies. Our company, solving the issues at optimum time and price protects the rights of the customers in the best way. Regardless of the importance of breakdown, it is tried to be solved during a day. Breakdowns which can not be repaired during a day are dealt with after supplying the required parts. The customers who are not satisfied with our technical service can also contact and inform us about their dissatisfaction. The complaints are examined by our customer service and then necessary feedback is provided for our customers as soon as possible. . It is very suitable as a price chart. We are offering our customers the best offer in the market considering our customers' budget.

Our company guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction, eliminates the grievances of customers within the same day. With our mobile application, we provide our customers who have contacted us with immediate information about their homes or work places.



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