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The breakdowns which occur in your living and working places may give an emergency call. Our company, 7/24 in service, offers efficient solution options for electricity, water and furniture failures. We provide quality solution options with our field-expert Our Famagusta technical service Famagusta technical service staff. Giving small-scale repair options, our company offers solutions also for pool maintenance.

Döveç mobile application, DCS mobile application, brings this service easily to your address. You can prefer an efficient service offer using this application. When you send photos that show the breakdown, we can provide an effective service solution.

Professional Solution for Service Offers

Our company, which updates its service quality, works with field-experienced staff. Famagusta technical service staff all experienced and certified Our Famagusta technical service Our staff provides reliable service in repair and repair works.

Furniture Failures

Cabinets, drawers and similar furniture may show a breakdown in our daily lives. We provide solutions in the categories like kitchen, bathroom and shoe cabinets and cloakrooms. Our Famagusta technical service is part-supported. It is possible to provide the necessary parts for any kind of furniture. Our offers to repair your precious furniture within a short time are always under your service.

Electrical Failures

One of the most common problems in apartments is electrical failures. Insufficiency of insurance and related electrical failures affect life negatively. The general electricity of the apartment and the electrical systems of the apartments are repaired in this category.

Our staff, who is in maintenance, repair and fixing operations, offers reliable solution options. It is known that life-critical electricity failures should not be neglected. You can always call us especially for leakage of electricity issues.

Water System Failures

The most important issue in apartments is water systems. Problems like water leakage and blocks and system installations require expert staff. Our staff provides solutions for water leakage and blocks and system installations.

Party-supported installation maintenance and repair operations will make your life easier. Sewage water disposal is also put under this category. Our field-expert staff prefers updated methods. They use special devices and avoid breaking tiles and marbles.

Broken fountains, water abductor water installations are repaired in this Water blocks and leakages are repaired by acoustic devices. Broken taps and water systems with leakages are dealt with under this category. Giving service with guaranteed part options, our staff provides solutions within a short time and prefers efficient methods to let you move on. category. Our guaranteed components offer a solution in a short time. Effective methods are preferred for you to resume your normal life.

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