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DCS provides cleaning services to apartments, houses, workplaces and completed constructions. DCS, which provides cleaning services to the outside as well as the apartments it manages with its experienced personnel, has succeeded in achieving reliable and quality service standards in this sector. Fees vary according to the size of the area to be cleaned. DCS provides guaranteed service with its fully equipped equipment. After cleaning, quality control is carried out by the managers.

Corporate Service for Cleaning Sites, Apartments, Flats and Environment

DCS is a Leader Brand in Cleaning Sector with its Wide Range of Equipment and Expert Staff.

There are many reasons for you to choose DCS Cleaning Company. It provides service with economical prices, experienced and friendly staff. We provide services such as house cleaning, office, post-construction and villa cleaning on a monthly, weekly and daily basis and with the cheapest prices.

Post Construction Cleaning

In post-construction cleaning services, rough cleaning and detailed fine cleaning services are offered at the most economical prices.

Office Cleaning 

Office cleaning is a general cleaning service offered to corporate companies on a weekly or monthly basis as a Titiz Cleaning company.

Home cleaning

House cleaning is one of the sine qua non of people's daily lives, it provides both hygienic and economical service.

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